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Do You Need An Aggressive Divorce Lawyer?

Many clients come to us seeking an “aggressive divorce lawyer” because they feel that if their lawyer is “aggressive ” towards their spouse, they can gain an advantage in their divorce case. However, almost everyone who asks for an “aggressive ” lawyer has a different definition of what an “aggressive lawyer” is. Some clients want us to be nasty towards to their spouse and his/her lawyer. Some want us to bombard their spouse and his/her lawyer with lots of paperwork. Others want us to do whatever we can to intimidate their spouse and his/her lawyer. When we get theserequests , our response is usually the exact opposite of what our clients expect. We prefer to be respectful, cooperative and firm with the other party and his/her lawyer. Our strategy will be to thoroughly analyze our client’s case, educate our client about his/her options, and the pros and cons of each, and advocate for the client as strongly and professionally as possible.

We believe that the true role of a divorce lawyer is to help couples through the divorce process in a manner in which they can have a successful life after divorce. To accomplish this, sometimes it is better to speak softly and carry a big stick.

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Tee Persad, Esq.
Mr. Persad has represented individual clients on a pro bono basis, middle income clients, wealthy clients, small and medium sized businesses, and fortune 500 companies. His client list includes the every day worker, lawyers, doctors, growing businesses, and multi national corporations. His experience in almost every area of practice gives him the ability to identify and solve complex personal and business issues ranging from complex family, immigration, employment, bankruptcy and criminal law issues, to complex business and administrative law issues.