Clerkship Opportunities

We offer unpaid summer and annual clerkship. Our clerkship program is designed to give law students practical experiance representing clients, from the initial phone call to the closing of the file. Our summer clerks must commit to two full months, five days per week.  Summer clerks spend the first two weeks learning our internal operating systems. Thereafter, each clerk spends 7 weeks rotating between the firms practice management teams.  After completion of the summer clerkship program, you should have a good understanding of how a law firm operates and what each area of practice involves. 

Our Annual Law Clerk Program is designed to give first and second year law school students the opportunity to work on up to 10 cases from the inital phone call to the final resolution of the client's problems. You will work hand in hand with the attorney's who are primarily responsible for the cases and will have the opportunity to accompany the attorney to all case events.

For informatoin on our summer and annual clerkship opportunities, please send your resume, cover letter, 4 writing samples (letter, memo, brief, and article), and letters of reference to