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Upcoming Seminars

Foreclosure: Now What
Jun 14 2014 - Oct 22 2014

If you are affected by the foreclosure crisis, this is the seminar for you. At this seminar, our Orlando attorneys will discuss issues dealing with foreclosure defense, loan modification, bankruptcy and other consumer protection topics. Anyone who is having trouble paying their monthly expenses, their consumer debts, and is facing foreclosure will benefit from attending this Free Seminar. The seminar will be held at our Orlando offices located at 201 E. Pine Street, Suite 445, Orlando, Florida. To register, please contact us at 407-647-7887 or email us at

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Divorce - The Process
Jun 8 2014 - Aug 16 2014

Thinking about getting a divorce in Orlando? Attend our Orlando Divorce seminar.

If you do not understand the divorce process in Orlando, going through a divorce can be even more frustrating. In our Orlando Divorce- The Process seminar, we cover not only the legal process of divorce in Orlando, but also the emotional process men and women go through when their relationship ends and divorce is the only option. This Orlando Divorce seminar is presented to men and women along with our Orlando Divorce Issues for Men and Orlando Divorce Issues for Women seminars. For more information, please contact our Orlando Attorney, Tee Persad, Esq. at, or call him at 407-647-7887.

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Basic Bankruptcy Law
May 2 2014 - May 9 2014
Business Law for Entrepreneurs
Jan 6 2014 - Jun 30 2014

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own innovative small business? Our Business Law for Entrepreneurs seminar in Orlando, FL is designed for new entrepreneurs and those interested in opening their own small business.  Whether your business is a restaurant or an information technology company, the basic steps to start a small business are the same.  This seminar introduces you to a small business plan and the legal forms and regulations associated with the startup of different small business structures (sole proprietorships, general partnerships, and limited partnerships) to large business (corporations, nonprofits, and limited liability companies (LLCs)).  You will learn the pros and cons associated with starting a business as well as the steps necessary to select a location, obtain a business license and/or permit, obtain a tax identification number, explore financing, grants and funding, and successfully get your business up and running. All seminars are held in Orlando, FL.  For more information please contact our Florida Attorney, Tee Persad, Esq. at or call our Law Firm at (407) 647-7887.

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