Family & Divorce Mediation

Are you facing or considering divorce but desire to keep your costs down?

Are you a single parent seeking to address your rights in a paternity action? Do you have post-judgment modification or enforcement issues to address?

Resolution of issues between contesting parties through mediation leads to far superior outcomes for families and children both in the short term and the long run!

At CPLS, we are trained to help guide you through the mediation process and ease your transition into the next stage of your life. Our goal is always to reach the outcome that will be most beneficial to your entire family including your children. While as spouses you can divorce one another you cannot divorce your children.  Therefore, through mediation we are able to assist you to focus on the future not dwell on the past and create a new relationship that will enable you to continue to co-parent effectively and establish a healthy form of communication.

We mediate all aspects of family law issues, including, dissolution of marriage, simple and complex divorce litigation, high income and high asset cases, business and closely held corporation cases, military divorce, equitable distribution, complex property division, debt and liability issues, real property and real estate division, pension and retirement division, paternity, children issues including child custody/primary residence/time sharing, parental responsibility and parenting plans, visitation, relocation, post-divorce dissolution/judgment proceedings, enforcement, modification and termination of child support and spousal support including all forms and types of alimony, domestic violence injunctions, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

We are committed to providing outstanding mediation and alternative dispute resolution services to parties in family law disputes whether or not represented by an attorney. We will aggressively utilize our firm resources and experience toward the goal of achieving the resolution for our clientele giving due consideration for the complicated issues which arise regarding financial matters, children and families, and the overall anxiety of litigation and the Court system.

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