How to Protect Your Business With Client Services Agreements

One of the most important assets you will acquire as a business owner is your roster of clients and customers. These relationships often take years to develop and are the foundation for everything you do. Satisfied customers play an important role in helping your business prosper by returning to you for repeat business and by referring their friends and family to you. 

If you are a service provider, how can you take action to protect these valuable relationships? Ideally, you will enter into them with a clearly-defined Client Services Agreement specifically tailored to you and your business. By providing your customers with a detailed written agreement outlining the scope of your services and other important terms and conditions, you are setting your work relationships up for success.

Through your Client Services Agreement you can set clear expectations, making it easier to prevent any potential disputes in the future. Should a conflict arise, you will likely be able to refer to your Client Services Agreement to provide clarity and context to the issue at hand. This helps you provide your customers the best and most comfortable experience possible, even in the event of an unforeseen conflict.

Some important terms to consider including in Client Services Agreements across various industries are: a detailed description of the scope of your services (i.e., what is and is not included); the amount of your compensation, when it is due, and the method of payment; a timeline of when the services will be performed; and any necessary waivers to protect you from liability in the event of personal injury or property damage. Depending on the exact nature of your business, a knowledgeable corporate attorney can make additional, more specific recommendations.

Your Client Services Agreement also has the added benefit of enhancing your credibility and reputation as a business leader. By presenting a well-written agreement that makes both sides feel thoroughly informed and protected, your business increases its authority and trustworthiness with your customers and in the community at large. It demonstrates that you care about your relationships and have taken proactive steps to nurture confidence and trust.

Although a Client Services Agreement is legally binding, it does not need to be excessively formal or confusing. In fact, many experienced business attorneys understand that simplicity and transparency are essential for this type of agreement. Whether you are an athletic trainer, landscaper, web developer, or accountant, most of your clients are likely to want the same thing: an agreement they can easily understand, with terms that are thorough and fair to both sides. The right agreement makes them feel comfortable starting a relationship with you now and continuing to work with you in the future.

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