CLE / CME Training

Florida Continuing Legal / Mediation Education and Training (Florida Bar approved Courses)

Improving Law and Mediation Practice through webinar training

CPLS, P.A. is committed to providing premium legal, mediation and business consulting services to communities in which its team members live. CPLS, P.A. also provides virtual training to attorneys and mediators.  The training session also qualifies for CLE credits, and, in many instances, for CME credits. This is our way of contributing to the dispute resolution process by helping lawyers and mediators develop with the introduction of new and innovative skills and strategies to help them improve their abilities to help the communities in which they live. CPLS, P.A.  offers a free 1-hour long weekly webinar series as well as a paid 1 daylong seminar series design to help lawyers and mediators improve their practice.

Requirements to attend any of our webinars

To attend any of our webinars and to validate attendance requirements with the Florida BAR, we ask that you cooperate with the following rules:

  • Show up ready to learn: with the right attitude, focus, and equipment.
  • Clear your schedule for the period of the seminar so that you are not distracted by the phone and are not working an any other matters. Expect to be called on during the seminar.
  • Have the right equipment and use it: Turn on your video and make sure your audio works.
  • Tell us who you are: Use the same name for both your “Zoom log in name” and your “webinar registration name.”
  • Be prepared to engage with our speakers. Our courses are interactive and we expect everyone to participate.  Be prepared to be called upon and actively participate.
Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education Training

Claiming your CLE/CME credits

At the end of the webinar, the CLE number will be posted in the “web chat” feature in Zoom.  If you are unable to see the number, we will be required to validate your attendance in order for us to send you the CLE number separately. We must be able to validate your attendance by seeing you on the video to give you the CLE number.

Known Issues with attending a webinar


Missing Zoom Log in Credentials

Although we do send regular reminders to register in advance and send the needed credentials to those registered, sometimes your email filter may block the invite. Check your “Junk Mail” folder or “Spam” folder to see if our emails are being redirected to these folders to ensure that you get the invites.

Missing CLE numbers

We make every effort to ensure that the CLE numbers that you need for recertification are obtained prior to the seminars/webinars.  However, the Florida Bar has experienced a delay in processing time. If we do not receive the certification before the seminar, we will provide the CLE numbers to attendees upon receipt.  To ensure that you receive the CLE numbers, we must have been able to verify your attendance by seeing you on the video.

CLE and CME Webinars

Free Weekly Webinar Series

CPLS, P.A. offers free weekly webinars, many of which are certified for one CLE credit hour. These webinars are conducted via zoom and held for every Friday at 12:00 pm EST. The webinars are very interactive and require that attendees have their video and audio enabled.  You may register for these webinars in the email invitation sent out weekly.

Mediation Mastery Webinar Series

CPLS, P.A.’s Mediation Mastery webinars consist of (4) day-long courses. Mediation Mastery I (leadership skills for mediators), Mediation Mastery II (how to design a profitable mediation practice), Mediation Mastery III (how to effectively market your mediation practice), and Mediation Mastery IV (advanced mediation skills and techniques). These webinars are offered via zoom and are usually offered once a quarter.  Mediation Mastery I is offered multiple times per year due to demand.  To learn more about the Mediation Mastery webinar series, click here.

Questions concerning the latest or upcoming Webinars?

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