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Improving Law and Mediation Practice through webinar training

Like most Mediators, you may take CLE/CME classes for the information and improve your practice, not necessarily for the CLE/CME credits. We encounter many mediators that you usually have more CLE/CMEs than required each reporting period.  If you are in this situation, we recommend that you attend these seminars. We believe that attendance and participation in these seminars will help your practice overall, as it forces the review of your current business model, and helps with tangible ways to improve upon what you have already built.

Improving your Mediation Practice through Mediation Mastery Seminars

Our philosophy is that mediators must have:

  • Core Leadership Skills,
  • Built a good mediation business model
  • Market their model in order to succeed
Improve your Mediation skills

Only then, do the strategies, skills, and knowledge learned during the certification training, DRC training, and other training programs matter.  Simply put, if you cannot develop your mediation business, it does not matter how good you are, because you will never have the opportunity to put your knowledge, skills, and abilities to use.  Therefore, over the years, we have developed a training program for mediators that cover an array of unique topics that we grouped into (4) 1 day-long course to teach these fundamental skills, then in Mediation Mastery IV we focus on the mediation knowledge, skills and strategies to supplement what mediators learn in their certification training, DRC training, and other training programs. Here is a brief overview of the courses:

Mediation Mastery webinars

Mediation Mastery Series

Mediation Master I – This course focuses on Leadership Skills for mediators. We have been teaching this course for a few years now, and have had great feedback. For more information on the seminar, the speakers, and the reviews, click the following link to the landing page of the last session on February 12, 2021:  We will be offering this seminar two more times this year.

Mediation Mastery II – This course focuses on helping mediators design their mediation practice for success.  The primary focus of this class is helping mediators work on the nuts and bolts of designing their mediation business model to maximize its potential to get new mediations, repeat mediations, and build value.  We will be offering this seminar on May 14, 2021. For more information about this Seminar, call us at 877.647.7887 or you may register here.

Mediation Mastery III – This course focuses on helping mediators design a marketing plan for their mediation business.  The primary focus of this class is to help mediators build on the mediation business model designed in Mediation Mastery II. During this course, we provide a clear framework for developing a comprehensive marketing plan for your mediation business.   This course is scheduled for July 9, 2021.

Mediation Mastery IV – This course focuses on effective mediation strategies.  The primary focus of this course is to review common mediation techniques and their effectiveness and to introduce several other more innovative and novel strategies.   Many of the skills learned during Mediation Mastery I, II and III will be referenced and built upon as well. For example, in Mediation Mastery I, the issue of self-awareness, impact of change, and relationship management are explored as leadership concepts, and these concepts are also foundations of specific mediation strategies and skills that are commonly used. 

Why You should Attend


In Mediation Mastery II, the we review archetypes, discuss the importance of building client profiles, and creating value propositions, which are skills that mediators can use as empathy based strategies. In Mediation Mastery III, we review the psychological stages that potential and actual customer goes through, and how triggers affect the movement from one phase to the other; these are also foundational to learning and developing new mediation strategies. This course is scheduled for October 8, 2021.

We also eat our own cooking.  We have relied upon all of the knowledge, skills and information presented in these seminars to design, build, market and operate our own mediation practice.

We would love to have you participate in any of our upcoming Mediation Mastery courses. If you know anyone who can benefit from this program, please feel free to have them call us at (877) 647-7887.

Mediation Mastery training seminars


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