Mediation Mastery

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Improving Law and Mediation Practice through webinar training

The Mediation Mastery program is designed to help you develop your mediation leadership, business, and practice skills.


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Improving your Mediation Practice through Mediation Mastery Seminars

Mediators must:

  • Develop core Leadership Skills,
  • Design a viable mediation business model, acquire the knowledge, and develop the skills and abilities through continuing education, training, and experience in order to become masters at their craft.
Improve your Mediation skills

Mediation-Mastery was designed to help mediators build their core knowledge, skills, and abilities by focusing on four core competencies: Leadership, business practices, advanced strategies, and understanding the mediation storyline. 

Mediation Mastery webinars

Mediation Mastery Series

Mediation Master I –Leadership Skills for Mediators

This course focuses on Leadership Skills for mediators. We have been teaching this course for a few years now, and have had great feedback.

Mediation Mastery II –Business Skills for Mediators

This course focuses on helping mediators design their mediation practice for success. The primary focus of this class is to help mediators work on the nuts and bolts of designing their mediation business model to maximize its potential to get new mediations, repeat mediations, and build value. This course also focuses on helping mediators design a marketing plan for their mediation business. During this course, we provide a clear framework for developing a comprehensive marketing plan for your mediation business.   

Mediation Mastery III – Advanced Mediation Strategies

This course focuses on effective mediation strategies. The primary focus of this course is to review common mediation techniques and their effectiveness and to introduce several innovative and novel strategies.

Mediation Mastery IV – The Mediation Storyline

This Course ties it all together by combining and organizing all the skills mediators need to help mediating parties move from conflict to resolution or transformation.


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