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“The purpose of this firm is to provide an environment where each individual can thrive and optimize their potential. We take great pride in serving our lawyers, mediators and consultants so they can develop their leadership abilities and technical knowledge to fulfill their purpose…to serve you, our valued clients.”   -Tee Persad

Simply put, we take care of you, so you can take care of your clients.


Time for client development

Sources of client development

Resources to market yourself

Flexibility to work from remote locations


Administrative burden of practicing

Financial and non-financial costs of practicing

Stress Levels


More time with your family

More vacations away from the constraints of the practice

Balanced and Productive personal and professional life

High expectations met and exceeded

We are seeking to add experienced legal professionals to our team, with a desire to grow their practice without incurring the overhead involved with setting up your own practice.  In addition to Attorneys, we are looking for Mediators in all stages of their professional life cycle.

Meet with Tee

Tee Persad founded this Law firm with a simple idea that if Attorneys, Mediators and Executive Consultants could be freed from the demands of running an office and incurring marketing and overhead expenses, they could maximize the potential of their practice and provide their clients with the best service and Legal counsel available. If you are wondering what is the next step in your professional legal career, come speak with Tee and see if joining CPLS, P.A. would be a good fit for you to achieving your goals. 

Meet with Tee Persad