What is mediation?

Florida Mediation Lawyers An alternative to court The Orlando, CPLS Law Firm is available to act as mediators for mediations throughout Florida. Mediation is an alternative way to resolve conflict and is sometimes called alternative dispute resolution. It is the opportunity for people to conduct their own settlement negotiations in the presence of someone who is trained to… Read more »

Why choose mediation?

Mediation is usually less expensive than litigation, but it also provides more control over the outcome and less stress and animosity. People who resolve their cases by mediation generally have a more amicable resolution in a more private environment. The solutions can be more creative and tailored to the needs of the parties. Studies also… Read more »

Mediation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about mediation. Why choose a CPLS attorney as a mediator? CPLS attorneys have several decades of experience litigating high conflict divorce and custody cases. We have the experience in negotiating parenting plans that focus on the needs of children and practical financial agreements that take into account tax consequences and other after overlooked issues. We will work with… Read more »

Mediation Services

CPLS mediation attorneys mediate a broad range of commercial conflicts including the following categories of disputes: Business Mediation Services Divorce and Family Mediation Services Real Estate and Construction Mediation Services Trusts and Estates Mediation Services Our Approach to Dispute Resolution CPLS mediation attorneys use a flexible solutions-oriented approach to mediation employing methods and various techniques as appropriate to suit… Read more »

Hiring CPLS for Mediation

The CPLS Law Firm is committed to providing high quality, personalized representation for our clients. We encourage a collaborative approach, stressing mediation and negotiation whenever possible. We are experienced and compassionate, recognizing that every case is unique. Our attorneys, mediators, staff, and clients work together as a team. Clients receive copies of each document involving their case… Read more »

  • Family & Divorce Mediation

    Are you facing or considering divorce but desire to keep your costs down? Are you a single parent seeking to address your rights in a paternity action? Do you have post-judgment modification or enforcement issues to address? Resolution of issues between contesting parties through mediation leads to far superior outcomes for families and children both… Read more »

  • Trust & Estate Mediation

    Conflict about the dispositions of an estate? A difference of opinion about what the deceased intended? Beneficiaries having difficulty making decisions where they are granted choices under the will or trust by the testator or trustor? Beneficiaries questioning the role or decisions of the fiduciary? Conflict regarding breach of fiduciary duty? Conflicts involving family members and property can be exacerbated… Read more »

  • Real Estate & Construction Mediation

    Save Time – Save Money – Get on with Business MEDIATION … Conflicts arise between: Sellers and purchasers of real estate Real estate agents/brokers and their clients Property owners and contractors Contractors and subcontractors or among subcontractors Landlords and Tenants Neighbors Lenders and borrowers Co-owners of property These conflicts quite often are very time sensitive,… Read more »

  • Business Mediation

    Save Time – Save Money – Get on with Business In Mediation and Facilitated Discussions the Parties Control the Outcome. Mediation Offers the Opportunity to Resolve Disputes without the Risk of an Unknown Outcome Decided by a Judge, Jury or Arbitrator and at a Fraction of the Cost and Time Required for Litigation. Facilitation Allows Parties to Engage… Read more »