Mediation Services

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Mediation Services

Our mediation attorneys use a flexible solutions-oriented approach to mediation, employing methods and various techniques as appropriate to suit the nature of the dispute and involved parties. We favor facilitating discussion among conflicting parties until they reach resolutions based on their respective interests and mutual understanding. We also assist parties in traditional negotiations where resolution is based solely on money, and when requested by all parties to the dispute, evaluate the conflict and possible solutions.

mediation services

Mediation Services

We understand that to be an effective mediator, you need to be a good listener and assist parties in conflict to continue to dialogue through challenges. Over the years, our unique approach to mediation has been extraordinarily successful in helping parties in conflict reach an agreement.  We have helped many families and businesses resolve their conflicts through mediation. 

Our mediation attorneys mediate a broad range of conflicts including:

  •  Business disputes
  •  Divorce and family disputes
  •  Real estate and construction disputes
  •  Trusts and estates disputes

Virtual & In-person Mediation

We have now successfully conducted both mediations and arbitrations online involving many parties and Counsel in different locations and time zones. The ZOOM technology provides the opportunity to share documents, have confidential Attorney-client conversations, conduct cross-examinations, and have private meetings among any range of participants. At our firm, we are flexible on the mediation process by helping parties decide if they should mediate in-person vs. online.

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