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Appellate (Appeals)

If you are not satisfied with a decision or order entered by a court or agency, our attorneys can help you appeal the decision or order. We represent clients before the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal circuit courts of appeals, and state appellate and supreme courts. Our attorneys have briefed, argued, and won numerous federal and state appeals in a wide range of areas including, civil, constitutional, criminal, domestic, class action, and administrative. 

appelate law
CPLS, P.A.’s Appellate team offers a broad array of appellate services that include the following:
  • General Advice on Appellate Matters
  • Briefing and Arguing Appeals
  • Post-Judgment Motions
  • Amicus Briefs
  • Moot Courts
  • Petitions/Applications for Rehearing
  • Appellate Motion Practice
  • Appeal of Agency Decisions

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