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Throughout the life cycle of your business, you will require the assistance of an experienced Business Attorney to help resolve a problem or help you with growing your business. The Attorneys, Mediators, and Business Consultants at CPLS, P.A. specialize in helping businesses and their owners and executives solve problems, grow and develop into sustainable business ventures.

Business Law

We Serve Startups to Multinational

Our business law practice focuses on businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives. We choose not to limit the size of business, but to focus our practice on serving all business needs. With experience ranging from small to large businesses, our goal is to provide you with extensive business insight and the best strategies to make your business successful no matter what your size.

Prvate Corporate Counsel

Private Corporate Counsel Program

We understand the need for businesses and creatives to be able to manage expenses and stay under budget. We developed a unique program to give you access to the expertise you need at an affordable price, so that you can budget effectively and manage your consulting and legal fees, while still having the high quality of services you deserve and need. 

The Private Corporate Counsel Program helps businesses, their owners and their executives through two key programs:  Legal and Dispute Resolution Services, and Business Development and Coaching.. The Legal and Dispute Resolution Services include:

  • Corporate Structure Planning
  • Corporate/LLC Formation
  • Corporate Tax Issues
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contact Disputes
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Mediation Services
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Employment and Labor Disputes
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Immigration Issues related to Employment

Through future pacing exercises, the Business Consultants at CPLS, P.A. help businesses, their owners and executives identify their purpose, define their vision, and develop realistic goals and strategies to help them realize their vision.  As a member of the Private Corporate Counsel Program, your business will participate in our monthly coaching program, where you and your team have the opportunity to spend two private and uninterrupted hours with your consultant coach.  Your business will also have unlimited telephone and email access to experienced and knowledgeable lawyers and consultants for a flat monthly fee.  When matters ripen, you will still have the benefit of experts in their field at a discounted rate.

Since our consultant coaches are also lawyers, you can also discuss legal as well as business issues during these sessions.

Business assesment and Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will be able to do a quick analysis of your business legal, operational, and fiscal health.   We will examine the internal and external risks and threats facing the business, the legal implications and let you know how to best minimize the impact of these risks and threats.  We will also examine the business’ operational flows to see of there are any bottlenecks that can be identified and remedied.  During this process, your business’ flywheel will be analyzed and updated.  Finally, a cursory review of the financial health of your company will help us understand the resources available and how they are being used. This will help us help you set realistic goals and develop realistic strategies.

To schedule a consultation with a Business Attorney, give us a call at (407) 647-7887

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Business Law FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We offer premium services with fixed rate monthly prices. We offer unlimited phone calls, emails, and office consults after your initial consult. You will also receive discounts on Mediation, Business Consulting, Legal, and Employer training services.

The Private Corporate Counsel program take a holistic approach to improving your business not just the legal issues your business may face. Oftentimes, legal issues are only symptoms to greater problems. The Private Corporate Counsel program includes leadership development as well as operational process improvement consultation. This program balances Legal issues, operational process and procedures, and leadership development training for healthier business model.

The Private Corporate Counsel program is an ideal fit for businesses wanting to relocate to Florida. We can assist with Commercial lease space negotiation, advise on tax issues, and other business issues involved with relocating to Florida.