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Private Corporate Counsel

The Private Corporate Counsel Program is designed to help you and your business succeed. Members of this program benefit from monthly coaching from seasoned business lawyers, discounts on legal services, unlimited communication with their lawyer, and an introduction to strategic partners. Our goal is to help you succeed personally and professionally and to help you improve and grow your business so that you can have the freedom and flexibility you need to live your best life. 

Professional Legal Advice

Members do not have to pay hourly fees to talk to their lawyer. They can call or email and get a professional opinion before taking risks, without being billed hourly at high costs. With discounts on legal, consulting and mediation fees, when a Member has an opportunity to expands business or is facing a threat, such as a lawsuit, the Member can save thousands of dollars.

Build Relationship

Build a Relationship with Professionals

Members have the opportunity to build a close and strong relationship with their lawyers, and strategic partners. You can focus on taking advantage of the opportunity. These relationships help you avoid unnecessary risks, proactively handle threats to your business, and take advantage of opportunities.

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